photo f2fc6645-3553-483b-b64e-4c19058f6c05_zps121db233.jpg  photo 7B537578-F7C7-4F86-98B8-9F94E0644C33_zpsqirpypxs.jpg  photo jdberry_zpsea01d711.jpg  photo grizzlybroadheads_zps1m2s5rho.jpg  photo banner-kking-160-170_zps48e9d6a9.jpg  photo HolmMadeNewAd_09092014_zpsc4e4691d.jpg  photo truenortharrows_zpsi9ay4gwc.gif  photo 35A0AFC6-0F9E-412C-A64B-EBE54AF0479D_zpsmipyof8e.jpg  photo EEE5CA06-2368-4F2F-A920-0CA562579FE0_zpsm9lvvu1t.jpg  photo northernmist20bcard1_zpssaxw3n46.jpg  photo 072BD871-7553-4294-BBDD-E69370AD1F6A_zpsjismq5n7.jpg                                     photo AFF3B4E3-F518-4092-A4E6-65AE830AB2BE_zpsnuwaaten.jpg  photo f5d37de7-de84-47ad-b248-e8adfe84c5db_zps4oisluth.gif  photo 02c77249-7155-4785-a743-8faf8c694e7a_zpseaj9xlnz.jpg  photo B5D4E580-5A4C-4A25-AC73-D69CDBE82A69_zpsvvtli29v.jpg  photo Dave_shooting_bow_logo202_zpsuskt81vw.jpg  photo image_zps2rrhsrju.jpeg  photo sunsethill_zps551c0207.jpg  photo db77abad-c90f-4ee5-9e34-905fe0c0fd36_zpsleoiybdo.png  photo bigjim_zps76882839.jpg  photo howardhill_large_zps5fd2fcc7.jpg  photo IMG_5966_zpsgrbhwrgb.jpeg  photo Bearpaw_Products_Logo1_zps55d85f33.jpg  photo tradtech_zps697b00c1.jpg  photo a3c08d6f-f669-46b5-8b0c-1480a411cc78_zpsc853b3a6.gif  photo fairbow_zpsc278ec39.jpg  photo F5A4B354-1040-4D43-939F-28ED48F7E5B7_zpsws5ptsc8.jpg  photo coyote track 1_zpshipxn54s.png  photo DF07A98B-41BB-4024-BCF7-A4FCB543D40E_zpsoiduf1m2.png  photo the20footed20shaft_zpsudbyv3ab.jpg  photo blackeaglefinal_zpsfqgqqrcj.png  photo 94936CDE-4CF5-4181-B2F9-FECCA1FE886F_zpsy5nfpirv.jpg photo D49F4739-A11D-4F9D-9D50-4C3EE95E9555_zpswoqwk23o.jpg  photo BF4712C7-9EE6-460F-8380-4E7F08A65416_zpsmluzlgny.jpg  photo bivoucascreenshot_zpscfdgf0n0.jpg  photo 510CA748-680D-4178-8B50-1A4C7F7F895D_zps6b5pjjoc.gif
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Ugly Coyote

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Bob Markworth and his wife Mayana being filmed at an archery clinic at Whittier Narrows, CA 1973. Hugh Rich taught Bob how to shoot.


Interesting clear plastic arrow containers.


Supposed to be Rube Powell, according to the description on the back of the photo. Don't recall seeing him using a hip quiver. What say you Jim?


Nice shot of Babe Bitzenburger. She always was a sharp dresser.


National Champion Larry Hughes obviously pleased with that shot.


Fred Bear at an unknown event.

Fred Bear's father with a young admirer, or perhaps a relative.


The Bear Archery Mobile.


Al Reader giving Fred a 1927 Doug Easton yew bow for the Bear Museum in 1988.

Fred at the NFAA booth with Rita Boyle, Brad Starrett and next to Fred, NFAA president Pat Wingfield. About 1970.


Vic Berger on the left and Ben Pearson in Pasadena, CA 1964. Anyone know who the lady is?


Ben Pearson at his home in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.


A Girl Scout and Boy Scout in Auburn, Alabama. Apparently they've been practicing.


San Pedro, (CA) Archery Club. Can you spot Babe and Henry Bitzenburger? 14.jpg


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Ira, some fine photos to wake up to this morning.  For their age, I'm liking the quality of the photos themselves.  Thanks once again.
Steve Graf

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Fred got his daddy's ears [biggrin]

Thanks for the trip back in time...
Selden Slider

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Again some wonderful photos!  Thanks Ira.  Frank
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Henry is second from the right in the next to last row. Babe is fourth from the left in the second row.


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Old Sailor

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Very interesting pictures, thanks.
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Ira, Rube Powell made and used (and sold) his side quivers in the 1960s and beyond.  They were "the best!"
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Tom M

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One of my fellow Bearstate Bowhunters members had a quiver like Rube Powell has on. He bought it from him in the mid 70’s. By that time according to my friend, Fred Pasarilla (sp) Mr Powell had them hand made In Mexico. A very beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Knowing Rube Powell if they weren’t made to his satisfaction there would have been hell to pay.
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