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Yesterday I was standing with my bow. It was strung but relaxed suddenly it began to straighten up slowly. Somehow the flemish string came apart at the bottom loop. I was glad it happened like this instead of snapping during the draw cycle. Anyway, I am fortunate to have another string that came with the bow. I twisted it for brace height and began shooting again, moving the nock a little to get the right tune. It didn't take long to figure out and I served a knocking point. I also figured out how to move the string silencers from the broken string to the new one. All is well, as the bow shoots accurately, same velocity and is actually quieter than it was. Now it's time to get another string for stand-by. First, I figure this 62" longbow needs a 59" string. Second, I like the flemish style. Is there a brand or type that is preferred?  I noticed strings from $10 - $30. When I read the description, other than colors they seem the same. Most of these are D55. I did see D97 and Fast Flight strings. My tips look reinforced, but I don't know if I need or want one of these strings. What do you recommend for a string?
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Lots of great string builders as sponsors....

I think that the stock Black Widow strings, D97, are hard to beat

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First, I'd suggest not buying another string from whoever made the string that came apart.

Generally B-50 dacron strings are about half the price or less than D-97 and other low stretch materials.

I prefer the low-stretch materials because they get more performance/speed out of the bow, and just as importantly they reduce bow vibration/hand shock at the end of the shot.

Whether to go with a continuous loop or Flemish twist construction is a personal preference.  They both work.  I like Flemish twist.  
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So did the string break or did the twist/pigtail just come untwisted?
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It appears to have broke. There is only a few strands of one color extending on the detached end, however I do not see the loop anywhere. I guess some strands broke and the weave came apart because of it.
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That can happen when a string is made with more tension on a few strands and they end up overworked.  An endless did that to me.  Built by me! 🙂
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In that case I would take a hard look at the string notches on the bow. Look at them very carefully, and see if there are any rough spots, or right angles. If there is a problem there, it's going to do it again.

Strands can break from uneven tension, but it isn't very common. The pigtail won't come apart because of a broken strand or strands.
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Tom M
Before you decide on material for string I would contact the bowyer and find out for sure if it will handle modern bowstring material. Wouldn’t be the first time I have heard or seen a twist string unravel. I had a B-50 break just below the area where the braid started. That was a head scratcher because nothing is in that area that would have cut it. Being a 70# bow it kind of rattled me. I have my strings made by Chad at Champion Bowstrings. I have come to prefer BCY X for my FF bows. B-55 for my old Bear SK
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