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I need to stock up on more string material. Upon looking at several different traditional online stores, I see there is a butt ton of string I've never heard of.

I've always used B55 Dacron but I'm curious about other string material too. For reinforced and non-reinforced bows.

Is there a chart or somewhere that I can find more about them? Thanks


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Basically there are two types:
1) Dacron or B50/B55
2) and everything else that is "low stretch" or "fast flight".

As far as low stretch stuff, there is all Dyneema and then those blended with Dyneema and other materials. The blended material seems to be more stable and creeps less.

An all Dyneema material would be like D97 or Mercury.

A blended material would be like BCY-X, X99, 452X and so on.

Go to BCY Fibers website and look around at string materials. They break it down pretty well.

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Almost all of the other materials are fast flite (which is a brand name, but now is used generically) low stretch type materials.  I'm not aware of any chart that compares all the materials.  Best to go to the web sites of the various makers for more information about the material they produce.

Generally, the low stretch materials get more performance out of the bow, often increasing arrow speed by 8-10 fps or more.  That equates to about 5# of draw weight.  Some say they get less, some more.  

The low stretch strings, because they transmit more energy to the arrows reduce hand shock somewhat. Some say they are noisier/louder than dacron.

Some feel that the low stretch strings are responsible for limb tip breakage on older recurve bows.  That may be, if the strings are not properly made.  Because the low stretch materials re also stronger than B 50 or B55, fewer strands are usually needed to make the string, and the individual strands themselves may be thinner so the low stretch strings are often considerably thinner than B 50 or B 55 strings.  On older recurves that don't have tip overlays and or that have the glass cut down to the wood in a Y on the belly side of the limbs below the nock, these skinny strings may sometimes contribute to limb failure.  Though those limbs might also have failed with dacron.

Regardless, the loops of low stretch strings can be padded with extra material to reduce the probability of that happening.

Longbows and self bows are much less susceptible to string caused tip damage IMO just because of their sturdier construction.

I've been using low stretch strings on all my older bows for about 10 years now without any problems.  Makes them perform right up there with the latest offerings. Also makes my ASLs quicker with less hand shock.  


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