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I aways wanted a bow that was fast, like ol' HH's, so that when i shoot the arrows audibly sizzle in to the target, just like in all the movies. Any advice on getting my bow to be that fast ?

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I did too !

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Yes Chuck:

It all depends on the camera you use; if you film it at a slower speed then play the film at normal speed it will sizzle into the target, however you don't want to talk during the filming or you voice will sizzle also!!

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I used to make all the sounds playin' cowboys and indians.  Never was any good at getting caps to work in the rain.  Never tried a "sizzle" when I was an indian. >>>-------------->

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Sure, Chuck, just keep on dreaming.
Sam McMichael

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Try shooting long fat heavy wood arrows with ample fletching from an English longbow that has 130# to 180# draw weight at targets within 20 yards.  I suspect the arrows will strike quite vigorously.

My arms are not even close to being nearly as long as Howard Hill’s arms plus I am simply just too weak to find this out for myself.  So, I will wait for you to report about the results of such a trial.

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Try oversized pope and young cut feathers with a wide vented broadhead on the end.

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I got some 1916 arrows in a trade a couple of years ago.  When I shot them with my A&H longbow, they made a loud whistling sound even with field points.  The feathers were short shield cut and seemed wider than normal but I never measured them to make sure.  I think they were a little under spined for that bow, but I don’t know if that had anything to do with.  Those arrows were quiet with my other bows and I’ve never heard anything like it since.  mg

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It’s the fletching that’s gets noisy when high cut.
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Shoot one of LBHUNTERS arrows.
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eddie c
Get a whistling point.
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3 Rivers sell a whistling point. That should put some excitement in your archery [eek]

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Try a hybrid bow, or an R&D if you want more zip.  I had a Robertson OD that was so darn fast, it kept shooting thru the target, so I sold it.
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High back feathers with a lot of helical.
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Steve Graf
I think y'all are on the wrong track...  Chuck wants a FAST bow, not noisy arrows.

The best way I've found to get a blazing fast arrow that boils the air on its way to the mark is a simple 3 step system:
  1. Relax and put your feet up;
  2. Enjoy some Dickle #12;
  3. Think about the best shot you took during your last rove on a sunny crisp day.
It's a well know fact that lubrication speeds things up [biggrin]

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I did too !

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What I've noticed is that all the bows on movies make a loud "creaking" sound when they're drawn back.  I assume that's the key to getting the speed you're looking for.  [smile]
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old buck
Wrap some gauze around the points, soak with lighter fluid and....let er rip!
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I have to agree with Steve.  Works for me.  [biggrin]
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Mine sizzle because the fletching is scientifically designed to give just the right sound to hypnotize a deer. [wink]  doesn't matter for elk cause when they hear it they just give the lead cow dumb looks and wait for her orders.  😉
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   As Gypsy said, fiddle with the fletching.
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