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Good Afternoon everybody. I have one more special fundraiser to announce and this one is quite unique. 2 time national champion and TAS member Gary Weir has donated a whitetail shoulder mount service to support our trad brother Paul Helms in his recovery from open heart surgery.

Back in January Paul went in for an unexpected open heart surgery. Thanks to modern medicine and amazing doctors he is recovering well at home. To help him out Gary donated his time and amazing skills to give one luck winner a free shoulder mount service for their next whitetail or maybe one you have in the freezer waiting to get mounted. .

In order to win this mounting service please read carefully and follow the instructions below:

Click the link below and make a donation to Paul’s fundraiser:


For every $5 donated you will be entered 1 time to win this whitetail shoulder mount service. When making your donation please leave a note “Deer Mount” in the notes section. I am running multiple raffles and donations without a note will not be entered in the drawing. Also, please DO NOT check the box for “goods and services”. We don’t want uncle sam coming back to collect any of your donations!

Lastly, please share this post on your facebook and instagram and leave your well wishes for Paul below. This is not required but would be appreciated.

Below are some photos of Gary’s amazing work.

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Sounds like a great idea, and thanks go out to Gary.
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