photo f2fc6645-3553-483b-b64e-4c19058f6c05_zps121db233.jpg  photo 7B537578-F7C7-4F86-98B8-9F94E0644C33_zpsqirpypxs.jpg  photo jdberry_zpsea01d711.jpg  photo grizzlybroadheads_zps1m2s5rho.jpg  photo banner-kking-160-170_zps48e9d6a9.jpg  photo HolmMadeNewAd_09092014_zpsc4e4691d.jpg  photo truenortharrows_zpsi9ay4gwc.gif  photo 35A0AFC6-0F9E-412C-A64B-EBE54AF0479D_zpsmipyof8e.jpg  photo EEE5CA06-2368-4F2F-A920-0CA562579FE0_zpsm9lvvu1t.jpg  photo northernmist20bcard1_zpssaxw3n46.jpg  photo 072BD871-7553-4294-BBDD-E69370AD1F6A_zpsjismq5n7.jpg                                     photo AFF3B4E3-F518-4092-A4E6-65AE830AB2BE_zpsnuwaaten.jpg  photo f5d37de7-de84-47ad-b248-e8adfe84c5db_zps4oisluth.gif  photo 02c77249-7155-4785-a743-8faf8c694e7a_zpseaj9xlnz.jpg  photo B5D4E580-5A4C-4A25-AC73-D69CDBE82A69_zpsvvtli29v.jpg  photo Dave_shooting_bow_logo202_zpsuskt81vw.jpg  photo image_zps2rrhsrju.jpeg  photo sunsethill_zps551c0207.jpg  photo db77abad-c90f-4ee5-9e34-905fe0c0fd36_zpsleoiybdo.png  photo bigjim_zps76882839.jpg  photo howardhill_large_zps5fd2fcc7.jpg  photo IMG_5966_zpsgrbhwrgb.jpeg  photo Bearpaw_Products_Logo1_zps55d85f33.jpg  photo tradtech_zps697b00c1.jpg  photo a3c08d6f-f669-46b5-8b0c-1480a411cc78_zpsc853b3a6.gif  photo fairbow_zpsc278ec39.jpg  photo F5A4B354-1040-4D43-939F-28ED48F7E5B7_zpsws5ptsc8.jpg  photo coyote track 1_zpshipxn54s.png  photo DF07A98B-41BB-4024-BCF7-A4FCB543D40E_zpsoiduf1m2.png  photo the20footed20shaft_zpsudbyv3ab.jpg  photo blackeaglefinal_zpsfqgqqrcj.png  photo 94936CDE-4CF5-4181-B2F9-FECCA1FE886F_zpsy5nfpirv.jpg photo D49F4739-A11D-4F9D-9D50-4C3EE95E9555_zpswoqwk23o.jpg  photo BF4712C7-9EE6-460F-8380-4E7F08A65416_zpsmluzlgny.jpg  photo bivoucascreenshot_zpscfdgf0n0.jpg  photo 510CA748-680D-4178-8B50-1A4C7F7F895D_zps6b5pjjoc.gif

new Northern Mist Baraga, 62”, 54#@28”, Kingwood rise, tempered bamboo cores, Cherry veneers. Ok, I’m ready to give a review of my new Baraga. I really love the lines, profile, and simplicity of this bow, I’m extremely happy with the woods that have been paired together. I’ve had r/d longbows in the past, and one of the things I really liked was that the bows were absolutely dead in the hand, and had good speed. Before I even shot the bow, I realized that the riser on this bow is a bit different than other hybrid types I’ve owned. The riser isn’t as massive as others I’ve had, and is a bit shorter too.. I set the brace height at 7 1/4” and put a set of beaver hair silencers on the string. I brought a set of cedar arrows and a set of carbons that I figured would work. This next part was a first for me. First shot at a 15 yard target was with a cedar arrow. Shooting at a spot that’s 4” in diameter, I hit top left corner of the 4” spot. Everything about the shot felt like I was shooting an asl. The bow feels as if I’m shooting a longer bow, but at 62”, it will be very manageable in tight spaces. The next 3 arrows all grouped within 3” of the first 1. Switched to the carbons, and hit dead center. Next 3 shots were all grouped together. The bow was as quiet as a mouse fart! I loved that. I’ve got rid of every bow I’ve ever had that did not meet my quietness criteria. I don’t think it has outstanding speed, but is certainly fast enough. The descriptive word that I think is key is that it is very “forgiving”. I have a pretty poor release, due to my arthritic fingers, but I still hit where I was looking. It hits hard, is extremely quiet, and is very forgiving. It’s not what I was expecting, but I couldn’t be happier. Tradslinger made a comment which said something about the bow coming to life in my hand. That’s exactly how I feel about it. I initially was thinking I’d be getting a bow that was dead in my hand, but I’m kinda glad this bow isn’t. To clarify 1 point I made, I said the bow didn’t have outstanding speed. It has good cast with a hunting weight arrow, and will certainly take down anything in North America. Click image for larger version - Name: 956B4F65-1E37-4704-827E-8CAB2609E93F.jpeg, Views: 32, Size: 555.68 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 731F4F35-7E5B-411B-8C69-D878CB9BC3DA.jpeg, Views: 37, Size: 420.46 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 9AFC5C35-1E0A-4334-B15C-5FDA42C892AF.jpeg, Views: 39, Size: 608.41 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 2F263995-B493-406D-9D07-D2A793D71011.jpeg, Views: 40, Size: 639.46 KB Click image for larger version - Name: F1FFABB8-6618-4648-BB2D-5326F70D1407.jpeg, Views: 31, Size: 515.93 KB Click image for larger version - Name: F5C68C70-5B1D-46AC-B517-70B7D12EE1E8.jpeg, Views: 32, Size: 769.08 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 73F9AA2F-BDDB-48EC-9509-987558ECFAF4.jpeg, Views: 33, Size: 633.53 KB Click image for larger version - Name: 8CCF8278-B829-4BA3-A681-7F06900453A3.jpeg, Views: 31, Size: 660.06 KB Click image for larger version - Name: A94F7667-75A6-4FF3-BF60-E0A4F44C14BF.jpeg, Views: 31, Size: 350.81 KB
TAS, TBOT member, Buffalo Archery Club, Cypress, Tx.
Dryad/ACS Orion 53#
Great Northern Fireball JK 54#
Northern Mist American TD 51#
Howard Hill, The Big Five (Tim Meigs) 57#
Sovereign Sonoran 58#
Browning Wasp 52#
Ryan Gill Osage Hunter (self bow) 52#
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Glad you like the bow.  What's not to like.  The mild r/d of the bow is more akin to an ASL than a hybrid, I think.  Hybrids usually have extreme r/d, making them closer to recurves in performance (and even looks). Most are built with larger pistol grip risers as well.  

The Baraga is very similar in design to Dick Robertson's mild r/d longbows. The idea behind the slightly deflexed riser and slightly deflexed then reflexed limbs is to increase performance and reduce hand shock a bit vis-a-vis an ASL. Dick was one of the first, if not the first, to use the design in the reemergence of popularity in traditional bows.

Regardless, Steve builds as good a mild r/d bow as there is.  Enjoy it.   
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Sweet! Very cool and that is what we or at least I hope happens with a bow. That makes it very easy to become like an extension of your hand. Almost makes you to not want to put it down. Very glad that the bow has surprised you and hopefully it will be a very successful hunting bow for you. I am hoping for such a matching for me with a longbow, being on a fixed income like a lot of us, I have to be frugal with my limited money. When a bow is a joy to shoot, it becomes something magical that you know that you can depend on. Hopefully we will get to see some critters harvested with it. Jerry 
"But a man drew his bow without taking special aim and struck the king of Israel through the joints of his armor." 1 Kings 22:34
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Could be my next acquisition..

Let it Fly ->>---->
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Very nice looking bow. Enjoy it!
"Practice not until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong." - Unknown
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Really nice bow, congrats on a great build. Steve has a way of putting that magic in all his bows. If you get another NM it will shoot and hit just like this one. Don't ask me how I know...
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