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Someone enlighten me about JET Leopard and Wolverine bows. Differences and what these cost approximately new.
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If I remember correctly the Leopard was stringfollow. I’m not sure about the Wolverine. 

 I don’t believe the Jet is still in business. 

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I think Darren is correct, the leopard was stringfollow and the Wolverine had 3/4 backset. Unfortunately Joel changed the model names and it got confusing.
I have owned a lot of Jets, they were hit and miss, some being exceptional shooters, some not so much. My best guess was they sold for around $675 new?

I saw your earlier post about only comment (as someone who has sold and traded a lot) is as badly as it hurts, a new bow loses 40-50% of its value immediately. There are exceptions with some bows, but that’s my opinion.
My second “only comment” is you are satisfied with the deal, that’s all that matters

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I ran into a couple of guys that had Jets at a shoot, don't remember  what the models were.  I thought they were very poorly designed, tillered and finished out. One looked like it was ready to blow a string. The guy said, it does that, he had spares. 
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I have two Jet Leopards and they are not string follow.  They are 68-inch bows and have about an inch of back set.  I also have a Bison, which has the same specs, but a bamboo core.  The Leopard has yew cores.  Unfortunately, I don't remember the core material or limb design on the Wolverine.  He only used bamboo or yew for the cores, but i don't know which was in the Wolverine. I suggest you ask the person who is offering them in trade to describe the limb core material and limb profile.  New, his bows were in the $650 range, though one could upgrade to fancier riser wood.

In my opinion, the Jets are very well designed and well made ASLs.  The limb core is comprised of tapers designed for optimal performance at a particular draw length.  Those were listed on the website before it was taken down.  The limb set back, rather than a straight line coming off the riser, is very gently arced to get the required amount of set back. Fade out tapers and glue lines are impeccable. The belly side of the grip (which may be straight or dished) is flattened ever so slightly (the Swinehart grip), which I find very comfortable to shoot.

Finish is the one area in which the Jets are not top notch. Though the finish is very hard, it was often not applied well. Of course, a lot of folks base their entire assessment on appearance, and by that characteristic, I suppose some Jets fall short.  

I never met the builder, but I've heard and read that he apparently rubbled some folks the wrong way.  I believe that has lead some to judge his bows negatively, not the quality of the build.

Would also like to respond to Canoeman's comments.  The tiller (1/8-3/16 inch positive), and all the other specs on my three 68-inch Jets, length, width, setback, shelf height, etc is identical.  That is more consistent than any other ASLs I've owned. If the shooter in question had a problem with a string giving out, (I expect string wear at the loops, or perhaps a too tight pinch on nock point) that means there might have been some roughness, or dirt, in the limb tip nocks.  That can happen on any bow.  Most folks are smart enough to figure that out and fix it rather than blame the bow or bowyer.
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I fully agree with Orion’s assessment of Joel’s  bows. Of the 3 JET’s I have, the backset Wolverine (bamboo) is truly an exceptional bow. One I cannot find fault with in any way—and performance is there too. I have it’s fraternal twin, a stringfollow Bison (Tim’s bow) of equal weight/length, it has some flaws in the original finish, but otherwise it’s been a fantastic longbow too. Shooting the two side by side is fun and always leaves me scratching my head about which design I prefer more. 

Never met Joel in person only visited with him via phone years ago. I recall him as a nice guy who seemed passionate about his craft and had put in a lot of thought. 

“Take the good where you find it, be honest with yourself, and let the results be your guide.”

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James Calamaris
I had a Bison that had a Koa handle with bamboo limb cores. The bow shot great but the finish on it sucked as well as the leather wrap. It shot great but aesthetically it wasn’t there.
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I had a Bison that had a Koa handle with bamboo limb cores. The bow shot great but the finish on it sucked as well as the leather wrap. It shot great but aesthetically it wasn’t there.

I wonder if I own your old bow.  


I’ve owned three Jets and never had any performance issues.  Also, Joel is a great guy to talk to. He has a wealth of knowledge and put a lot of thought into his bow designs. That said, there are bowyers out there that do better jobs with the finish on their bows. 

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