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Mike Reilly

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I sometimes do a review of a bow that stands out to me.
We've all bought, sold, traded bows and while many come and go there are a few that rise to the top and simply deserve some recognition.
Jim Jones of Firefly bows is one of those bowyers that doesn't have an Instagram following or whatever else is trending at the moment but he has a passion for building bows and he's freaking good at it!
Now full disclosure, I'm a longbow guy through and through but when Jim let me know about his static tipped recurve I had to jump. His 3 piece Firefly TD longbow has been my "gold standard" which I compared all other bows against, so naturally when there's a newer model we have to try it. [wink]
Specs: 60" and I asked for 55@28". It came in at EXACTLY 55@28". No up charge for hitting weight it was simply what I asked for. I told Jim, "I'm not a recurve guy but I'd like something built to hunt". What arrived was black glass limbs, zebra wood and "thunderstorm" diamond wood riser.
My first impression was that this reminds me of the Black Widow PSA that Tim King loaned me last year. Heavy riser mass in a riser that's smaller than you'd expect and a definite "bombproof" feel to the construction. I've owned a lot of bows, customs and production and the construction of this is simply perfect. Zero imperfections in glue lines or my pet peave limb alignment. These are dead nuts straight!
Alright, so I'm sounding like an infomercial... so I'll get to how it shoots...
I will not bash any custom bowyer but I will say that this bow casts arrows better than several "big name" bows that I have. It's fast and typical of statics it's quieter than many working limb recurves.
If youre looking for a solid recurve with better than average performance and want it custom built in weeks instead of months give Jim a call. Please feel free to PM me with any questions or contact info. Just trying to spread the love.

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Mike, I’ve been looking at a Firefly Longbow for some time. Thanks for the review!

Farmland Conservation Club, Winchester, Indiana 

John Schulz Straight Shooting and Bowhunting Graduate


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Thank you for the review. Enjoy the bow, it looks sharp!
"Practice not until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong." - Unknown
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