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Am not a fan of tag soup.
I go afield to kill............refuse to use the word harvest.
But................the older I get the harder it is to kill stuff.

I'll work for the opportunity like a mad man, but when it comes, am content to pass on it if I just aint feelin it.
This of course in state stuff.

I wouldn't fill an out of state tag with any old critter.
But am not a trophy hunter either.
Something in the middle would be OK  LOL

Didn't put in for the F&W area dove draw this yr. Non toxic shot doesn't work as well as lead IMHO and the heat, bugs and less than immediate kills I just don't want to deal with. 30 plus yrs I've done it. 

Gettin soft in my old age I reckon.

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My biggest stick bow deer was maybe 100".
And I killed a tree last yr trying for one smaller than that (buddy got him in gun LOL).
I like to grill venison and we don't have the doe we have a self imposed 8 pt rule.
It kinda sorta works 😉

Getting older, beat up............I don't need to shoot little ones any more.
Will hold out for something decent, or eat my archery tag.

Can always go late rifle for antlerless and put one in the freezer (diff spot, private land).
Need one deer, maybe two.

Ideally an early season doe and a buck.
May hunt public land early bow and try to zip a doe w the Widow.

But she better be around 100# or I'll let her walk.

Had a couple of seasons where I never got a deer (bow or gun)........and was trying!
Had a couple of seasons where I let everything walk, hoping for a big one.

Won't bother me to not have a deer in the freezer.

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I am reminded of some advice from those that have gone before us.  Hunt where there are animals. Sounds logical, but it is not easy. Elk travel long distances and if there are large predators, or noisy hunters they will leave. Just because they were there yesterday, doesn't mean they will be tomorrow or the next time you come back. Avoid hunting in areas too thick to get a shot.  I learned this the hard way, with a big bull elk. I knew he had a herd, so when I bugled and got a response, I checked the wind and headed his way, thinking he would move his cows to another area. Unfortunately, he was coming toward me too. I soon found myself in a reforested area about 10 years old and thick. I stopped for about 10 min. I remember thinking I should back off, when he bugled from the opposite side of a fir tree. It was entirely too thick to see him. The brush was about waist high and fir trees were thick. The bull was within 10 yds, and I could not see him. I never saw or heard him again, but he left.

The first couple days, cover ground, glass a lot, pay attention to the wind, sun and take advantage of cover. When you know there is game around, hunt slow, slower and slowest. Howard Hill spends some time talking about how he learned to hunt from a few Indian friends. If you have a copy of Hunting The Hard Way, it is a good resource. If your hunting in mountain terrain, mule deer and elk move up hill early, while thermal currents are going down. During the day, thermals generally reverse and move up. When elk bed, it may be extremely difficult to get close, because they have the advantage.  Unless the terrain and wind is right, it might be best to back off. If you go, watch air currents and go real slow. Look for color, shapes, ears, horns etc. You need to see them first.  Read as much as you can about hunting from the some to the great hunters. If you find a animal you are not interested in, watch and learn how they move around. Once you are getting close to game, the next thing is to know when to shoot, pick that spot. Good luck.

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68 old life hunter, everything wants to live, even a bug will run. I just shoot targets now ( and would like to sell my heavy bows. )  I live trapped the same cute little mouse 10 times, then I read you have to release them 2 miles away.

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Hunting has much more to offer than things like the thrill of a kill or a picture to brag with on the internet. One lesson I had to learn, thankfully when I was much younger, is that the kill is just a small part of the hunt. Ideally it should be almost a non event when the hunt is done right.

Another lesson I had to learn was not to put a time limit on a hunt. Yeah 24 years seems like a long elk hunt but I agree with longbowfanatic, that that had to be a great hunt overall. As soon as that time limit puts pressure in your head the real joy of the hunt is gone and all that is left is that killing goal. Even when we pay for expensive hunts which always have a time limit on how long this part of the hunt will last, I refuse to cheapen it by thinking the hunt is over when that time runs out.

I have a hunt that is going on 8 years right now. I am exited to continue it. I had three hunts for deer last year that all ended the day they started. They were great hunts.

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Yeah,  yeah, but I don't  want to go down in the  Cote camp diary as the oldest Cote never to bag a buck.

Charter Member Traditional Archery Society

I did too !

Madison, Wisconsin.   Public land hunter

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I'm definitely in the camp that treasures the experience far more than the kill. For every deer I've shot I've passed up at least 20 (all an easy target, all well within range). These days it takes quite a bruiser to get me to loose an arrow.
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